The Famly interview: Julian Grenier reveals Development Matters plans


Last year, it was announced that Dr Julian Grenier was leading the work on the new EYFS Development Matters. After speaking at the Nursery World Show 2020, Famly caught up with Julian to talk about the upcoming changes to the Development Matters, what's going to be in them, how his team will be consulting in them and why we're making a change in the first place.

Why do we need a new Development Matters?

5 key interview takeaways

  • The primary goals of the new Development Matters are to reduce practitioner workload, reduce the disadvantage gap, and reflect the shift in research and evidence since the last document was published.

  • We need to stop checking children’s development off against Development Matters, and save formal next steps only for the children who really need our help. Together, these changes to practice can help lower practitioner workload and get them back to having quality interactions with children.

  • A framework like Development Matters should be there to guide, not replace a practitioner’s professional knowledge and experience. That’s why high-quality CPD is so important.

  • We shouldn’t let Early Learning Goals or other assessment tools guide our curriculum. Curriculum and assessment are two different things and you should build your own unique curriculum in a way that suits your children, team, and community, rather than trying to get children jumping through ELG hoops.

  • The first draft will be shared with a number of people across the sector over the Spring, with publication due in Summer.

Watch the full interview on the Famly Blog.


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Author: Matt Arnerich, Head of Content & Brand Voice, Famly