Outstanding every day: what you need to know


Nannies are in a unique position in the childcare sector. Although most are highly trained and devoted childcare practitioners, working on a freelance basis often discourage others in the sector from seeing them as an equal regarding their professional status, a perception which organisations like BAPN, through initiatives such as The NannyHub, are determined to address and rectify.

A key part of being regarded as a professional is ensuring that you keep up with your continuous professional development (CPD). Avail Learning Academy has joined forces with BAPN to promote The NannyHub and has created specific courses designed to improve the childcare sector and individual practitioners, enabling them to provide outstanding care every day. Unlike the majority of online training offerings, Avail’s course aren’t just tick-boxes, they can make the difference between ‘good enough’ and ‘outstanding’ provision for children. And unlike most training providers, they produce courses with nannies in mind, which can give parents the confidence that their nanny can provide the very best care for their child.

Avail courses can help nannies deliver outstanding care for children. Outstanding is an important term – while Ofsted inspections are optional for nannies, the word is used by parents and Ofsted to describe childcare and education that goes above and beyond what’s required. ‘Outstanding’ represents more than following the rules; it’s about going above and beyond for those you’re working with. ‘Outstanding’ is worth striving for, and with the right help, it’s entirely achievable. The team at Avail wants every childcare practitioner, at whatever stage of their career, to exceed the expectations of parents and families. That’s why they set out from day one to deliver courses that help achieve outstanding care.

Outstanding training
Avail came up with a simple formula for courses that works and sets them apart from their peers:

  • Course needs to be written by experts – It’s no good reading the rulebook a few times and coming up with questions. We’ve brought together a team of sector leaders to write and endorse our courses. They know what it’s really like to do the job and understand what you need to do to get that ‘outstanding’ rating. You can read all about their decades of experience on our About page.
  • Designed to be engaging – Even with the best will in the world, getting taught by an expert doesn’t guarantee success. That’s why Avail courses use the latest tech to invigorate every course, all designed with the learner in mind. Gone are the days of paper exams. With e-learning, you’ll be dragging, dropping and joining the dots. In other words, you’ll be having fun – and learning too.

Find out more about the exciting range of courses offered by Avail Learning Academy at The NannyHub at the Nursery World Show on 7 & 8 February (Business Design Centre, London). 

Fay Gibbin, CEO of Avail Learning Academy, will be discussing the benefits of professional development for nannies from 12.15 - 12.35 on 7th & 8th February in The NannyHub Theatre. Bring your questions and ambitions to their team at The NannyHub and discover what you can achieve.

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Author: Fay Gibbin, CEO, Avail Learning Academy