A closer look into the new Education Inspection Framework (EIF): Behaviour and attitudes


The new EIF introduced the judgement ‘Behaviour and attitudes’ and refers to the need for children to demonstrate self-control, while the revised EYFS will retain the Characteristics of Effective Learning and introduce an Early Learning Goal on self-regulation.

Nursery World’s ‘Behaviour and attitudes’ masterclass, on Saturday, 8 February, aims to help practitioners understand how these elements of learning and development overlap and need to be addressed in practice.

Keynote speaker Professor Vivette Glover, of Imperial College London, will explain how a mother’s emotional state impacts a child’s behaviour and ability to self-regulate in the short and longer term.

Kevin Kelman, chief education officer, Stirling Council, will then explain how an awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can inform early years practice and will set out the key elements of best practice in supporting children to manage their feelings, thoughts and actions.

Finally, Ben Hasan, headteacher, Wentworth Nursery School and Children's Centre, east London, will look at the essential attitudes needed to become a motivated learner, their links to the Characteristics of Effective Learning, and aspects of best practice in promoting these attitudes.

See the full 'Behaviour and attitudes' masterclass programme here.

Author: Ruth Thompson, Nursery World