Ofsted Judgment: Behaviour and Attitudes

09:30 - 12:30

How does the early learning environment, both in the home and at nursery, influence a child’s behaviour and motivation to learn? This is a question that early years practitioners will need to revisit in the light of Ofsted’s new judgement ‘Behaviour and attitudes’ and the planned introduction of a ‘Self-regulation’ early learning goal under the revised EYFS.

To help settings reflect on their practice, this masterclass will explore:

  • the latest scientific research into the effects of maternal anxiety on the child, during pregnancy and beyond – including current thinking within the field of epigenetics
  • the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on young children
  • best practice in supporting the self-regulation and attitudes to learning of young children generally, and vulnerable children in particular

9.30-9.45 Coffee and welcome

9.45-10.40 The home environment: maternal anxiety and the child

In her keynote speech, Professor Vivette Glover will trace the impact of a mother’s emotional state on the child, in particular:
  • the effects on the foetus
  • the emotional and cognitive development of the young child
  • how maternal stress can modify gene expression in the child and across the generations
  • key measures to mitigate the impact of stress on the mother and child
Vivette Glover, Visiting Professor of Perinatal Psychobiology at Imperial College London

10.40-10.55 Coffee

10.55-11.45 The nursery environment: supporting children’s behaviour

Discover how Stirling Council is helping its early years providers to become ‘supporters’ and ‘enablers’ for young children and their families – with a focus on:
  • the importance of self-regulation in early learning
  • how an awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can inform early years practice
  • the key elements of best practice in supporting children to manage their feelings, thoughts and actions
  • the critical importance of building relationships when supporting children and their families
Kevin Kelman, chief education officer, and Bryony Monaghan, service manager for additional support needs and well-being, Stirling Council

11.45-12.20 The nursery environment: promoting positive attitudes to learning

Head teacher Ben Hasan, whose nursery school piloted the Education Inspection Framework, considers:
  • the essential attitudes needed to becoming a motivated learner
  • their links to the Characteristics of Effective Learning
  • aspects of best practice in promoting these attitudes
Ben Hasan, Headteacher, Wentworth Nursery School and Children's Centre, east London

12.20 12.30 Questions from the floor

Full rate: £150 (+VAT) / early bird rate £125 (+VAT) for bookings made by 6th December

Ben Hasan, Headteacher, Wentworth Nursery School and Children's Centre

Kevin Kelman, Chief Education Officer, Stirling Council

Professor Vivette Glover, Visiting Professor of Perinatal Psychobiology, Imperial College London

Bryony Monaghan, Service Manager for Additional Support Needs and Well-being, ASN and Well-being, Children and Families, Stirling Council