New Ofsted judgement: Quality of Education

09:30 - 12:30

With the new inspection framework now in place and revised EYFS goals to be introduced in September 2020, this masterclass will focus on the new Ofsted judgement ‘Quality of education’, which spans curriculum (Intent), pedagogy (Implementation) and outcomes (Impact).

Leading experts will provide essential advice on:

  • curriculum content
  • key considerations for delivery
  • cultural capital
  • the potential of early science in creating a broad and challenging curriculum
Combined, these talks aim to equip practitioners with the knowledge to plan and deliver a curriculum that:
  • is developmentally and culturally appropriate
  • provides a broad and balanced range of learning experiences
  • offers progression, ‘stretch’ and challenge, enabling every child to achieve

9.30-9.45 Coffee

9.45-10.35 An early years curriculum: ‘Intent’ and ‘Implementation’

An essential guide to planning and delivering a holistic early years curriculum that provides opportunity for every child to thrive:
  • the skills, knowledge, concepts, values and attitudes to consider when planning an early years curriculum
  • the essentials of delivering a broad and challenging curriculum that meets the learning and development needs of the children in your setting
Dr Julian Grenier, headteacher, Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre, East London

10.35-11.15 Cultural capital: making it meaningful for young children

Ofsted has introduced the concept of ‘cultural capital’ to its ‘Quality of education’ judgement, describing it, in the Early Years Inspection Handbook, as ‘the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for their future success’. Here, a leading expert on cultural capital will assess:
  • how ‘cultural capital’ fits within the new judgement
  • the origins of ‘cultural capital’
  • the challenges of defining it, and
  • what ‘cultural capital’ might look like in the context of the early years practice
Dr Jo Basford, senior lecturer in childhood, youth and education at Manchester Metropolitan University

11.15-11.30 Coffee

11.30-12.20 Children’s science: broadening and deepening learning

This two-part presentation will look at early science and its potential for contributing to a broad and challenging curriculum for young children.


11.30-12.00 Dr Sue Dale Tunnicliffe

Gain an insight into:
  • the importance of building children’s science literacy
  • scientific concepts that young children encounter in their daily lives
  • simple ways to explore science with the very young
Dr Sue Dale Tunnicliffe, a biologist and Reader in science education at University College London’s Institute of Education, with a special interest in the early years


12.00-12.20 Becky Dolamore

Learn about the rich learning that has emerged from children’s science explorations at Rachel Keeling Nursery School, from insects and daffodils to snow and wild animals, with a focus on:
  • how science enriches the early years curriculum
  • the cross-curricular learning that such experiences can deliver
  • how the children created an Animal Encyclopaedia
Becky Dolamore, head teacher, Rachel Keeling Nursery School, east London

12.20-12.30 Questions from the floor

Full rate: £150 (+VAT) / early bird rate £125 (+VAT) for bookings made by 6th December

Dr Julian Grenier, Headteacher, Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre

Dr Jo Basford, Senior Lecturer in Childhood, Youth and Education , Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr (Lady) Sue Dale Tunnicliffe, Biologist and Reader in Science Education, University College London’s Institute of Education

Becky Dolamore, Headteacher, Rachel Keeling Nursery School, east London