OakNorth Bank

Stand number: E23

Launched in September 2015 and founded by entrepreneurs, OakNorth Bank provides loans of £500k to £50m to UK businesses. It has lent over £5.5B to date.

Its USPs are:
  • Speed: on average, it provides indicative terms within 48 hours and completes entire transactions – from first meeting to cash – in 40 days
  • Transparency: every borrower is invited to meet Credit Committee and discuss their borrowing needs directly with the decision makers
  • Flexibility: it will take the time to understand each business down to the granular, sub-sector level, and designing a bespoke facility to meet the business’ unique needs
  • An entrepreneurial approach – we were founded by entrepreneurs, not bankers, so have a unique understanding of the opportunities and pain points facing businesses

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Website: https://www.oaknorth.co.uk