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From humble beginnings in a garage in the Midlands to supplying over 64 countries across the globe, we have been talking to educators and inventing new reasons for children to love learning for over 30 years.

It was a simple scene back in 1985; a chat with a teacher at a local school. The conversation around the lack of quality D&T resources for the classroom. One industrious evening in a garage later and the first TTS resource was born. The very next day the teacher was given the prototype. "Wow," they said, "this is exactly what I said I needed".

From the conversations, the design realisation, the prototype, the consultation, the manufacture, the delivery, the reaction and most importantly the benefit to children's education, our cycle of development hasn't really changed, even if life in a school has.

With your help, we have created thousands of reasons to love learning and each year around 400 new resources are invented. From printed books to programmable floor robots, we keep on inventing because you tell us to and because everyone loves a "wow".


Gold Sponsor

Early Excellence

Early Excellence are an established national leader of pedagogy, provision and practice, specialising in young children’s education aged 2-7 years. The team of specialists champion the development of inspirational learning and teaching, offering expert advice and helping schools and early years settings to understand and respond to the ever changing landscape of education policy and keep a sharp focus on the leadership of quality provision.




Famly is your Early Years sidekick. We’re lucky enough to be the software on the sidelines for award-winning groups like Kindred, Spring, N Family Club, and Bright Horizons - and thousands of incredible single nurseries and preschools too.

How do we do it?
We make your families happy, by giving educators the speedy way to send little snippets of the day straight to parent pockets. We make tools that help you note, share and understand child development - without interfering in it. Our finance software is elegant. As in, complex-enough-to-suit-your-every-need-but-sure-is-hard-to-get-wrong, elegant. And finally we make it stupidly easy to switch - just ask any one of the 1,200 settings who’ve done so in the last year alone. 

We can’t wait to show you how much weight Famly will lift off your teams (and you) - so come say 👋




Polylino is a digital picture book service for nurseries and primary schools to use with children aged 0-7 years old. The user-friendly digital solution hosts a wide range of picture books which can be read aloud or listened to in different languages.

We have partnered with publishers and literature experts in the UK to provide hundreds of high-quality picture books on your smart device which are fully aligned with the EYFS and KS1 curriculum.

For each book, a child can browse the pages, listen to or mute the soundtrack and read for themselves, bookmark their favourite parts, zoom in on the text or artwork, and read together or separately.



National Day Nurseries Association

We are a charity that believes in quality and sustainability, so we put our members’ businesses at the very heart of ours. We enhance, support, nurture, cherish and challenge. Our innovative thinking gives our members the edge, an advantage that makes your nursery the best it can be.

Our vision - For all children and families to flourish through high quality early childhood education and care.

Our mission - To lead and empower the sector so that nurseries and the early years workforce deliver sustainable, high quality early childhood education and care.


Early Years Alliance

The Early Years Alliance is the largest and most representative early years membership organisation in England, providing high-quality affordable childcare and education to support children and families in areas of deprivation throughout the country.

A registered educational charity, it represents 14,000 members and supports them to deliver care and learning to more than 800,000 families every year. We deliver family learning projects, offer information and advice, produce specialist publications, run acclaimed training programmes and campaign to influence early years policy and practice.



Early Years Educator

Early Years Educator is the monthly magazine and website which is essential reading for all those who work in early years. The title has regular sections on the early years foundation stage, children's centres, child health and behaviour, special needs, management issues, continuing professional development, the outdoor classroom and training. EYE takes an in-depth, analytical approach to the early years and is designed to provide readers with information, advice and guidance that supports their daily practice and development.


Practical Pre-School Books

Practical Pre-School Books is a specialist publisher of resources for early years educators, providing best-practice guidance to the requirements of the EYFS. They range from planning and observation to child development, health and wellbeing to leadership and management, with key issues focusing on how children learn - all explained in a way that is completely clear and accessible.


Children & Young People Now

Children & Young People Now is the magazine and website resource for professionals working at all levels to promote the learning, development, wellbeing and safeguarding of children, young people and families, providing essential policy analysis, research and evidence-based practice.